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About offers a searchable database of all the past BCLC keno results since 1995. Just select up to 20 numbers to see if they have ever been drawn or to check how often they get selected.

With this site, you can check how common or uncommon your preferred keno numbers are and see all the draws that contained all of the selected numbers you picked, starting with the most recent draw. The results will also give you an estimated percentage of all draws that your numbers matched, giving you a broader picture of their true potential or lack thereof.

In addition, you can use the database to check if certain patterns in the 10x8 grid of 80 numbers have ever been drawn. For example, you could see if a straight line of numbers from 1 through to 10 has ever been drawn. You could also see if any of the 10 possible 8-number vertical lines, such as 1, 11, 21, etc. to 10, 20, 30, etc., have been drawn. There are almost endless possibilities of patterns you could check to see if they have ever happened.

You also may be interested in knowing more about the results of previous draws, as well as the odds of certain number combinations coming up.

Interesting Facts

One interesting fact that can be discovered using this data is that only once in the history of the BCLC keno results, which is slightly under 3 million draws since 1995, has had two completely separate draws of 20 randomly drawn numbers out of 80 possible numbers have been the same, four years apart. The odds of that happening were 1 in approximately 3.5 quintillion, yet it happened. To put those odds into perspective, it would be equivalent to the same odds of winning the US Powerball 12 billion times, Lotto Max 100 billion times, or 6/49 250 billion times.

The only two draws ever to repeat

The two identical draws in the BCLC Keno Game

The original draw was first drawn on May 3rd, 2016 and then those numbers again on Oct 16th, 2020 and the numbers were: 09, 11, 12, 17, 21, 25, 29, 31, 32, 36, 38, 46, 48, 58, 64, 66, 69, 70, 72 & 75.
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Why use our keno data

This website is not for checking your actual keno tickets, but can make playing keno more fun by allowing you to strategize your number picks based on basic probability principles.

Using this information could help improve your chances of winning by understanding the frequency of your choices and make better decisions when playing the real keno game. For example, if you picked 8 numbers and they have never been drawn, maybe they are bad numbers or maybe it means they could hit at any time soon. It's up to you as the player to decide how to use this information to your advantage.

At the end of the day, can serve as your keno gambling companion, providing you with information on past results and the odds of certain number combinations coming up. The website is also optimized for mobile browsers, with a simple interface and quick response times for search queries. So why not give it a try and see what interesting patterns and coincidences you can discover?